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Perfect curly hair requires these 5 steps

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Perfect curly hair requires these 5 steps Perfect curly hair requires these 5 steps Perfect curly hair requires these 5 steps

While sometimes we think that curly hair doesn’t require special care, the truth is that it’s important to follow certain steps and use the right products to keep them bouncy and healthy-looking. Here’s the secret to achieving that spectacular hair you desire!

If you follow these tips, we assure that your curls will be more than perfect. 

#1- The right shampoo & conditioner
Choose products that are specifically formulated for curly hair. Oils and extracts such as amla, sunflower and rose can help provide extra moisture for curls. Hydration is key to ensure that curls are healthy-looking, defined, and bouncy.

#2- Untangling

Untangling is vital for curly hair to avoid tearing and breaking strands. An easy way to untangle is to use a conditioner or leave-in treatment that gives hair good slip. Products formulated with oils and oil-blends – either conditioners, rinse-out treatments, or a serum – make wet hair slippery for a perfect comb-through free of tangles.

#3- Drying with a diffuser

Remember that extreme heat can be detrimental to hair health. When drying, use a diffuser. Give hair extra protection by applying a serum or oil that provides heat protection.

#4- A night ritual

For a softer curl, try this: twist around damp curls with a bit of oil serum. Sleep with hair down or in a loose bun and hydrate your curls as you rest! Remember to wash your pillowcase more often if applying product at night to avoid any buildup on hair or skin.

#5- Hydration, hydration, hydration

Just as hydrating our bodies with plenty of water is key, the same is true of our hair – it can get thirsty, too! Try an oil-based shampoo, conditioner, and hair treatments to keep hair healthy-looking and well nourished. 

Each of these steps will help you achieve healthier curls during the summer and all year long. Try them today!