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9 Ways You’re Drying Your Hair Wrong

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9 Ways You’re Drying Your Hair Wrong 9 Ways You’re Drying Your Hair Wrong 9 Ways You’re Drying Your Hair Wrong

When you blow-dry your hair, does it feel like it takes forever? Ugh, we’ve been there. And when your hair is finally dry, does it seem to be lacking a little bounce? How disappointing. Believe it or not, your blow-drying technique might be to blame. Want a beautiful blowout that looks like you went to the salon? It is possible, if you have the know-how. Here are some common blow-drying mistakes you should avoid. Go ahead and up your blow-drying technique so that the next time you dry your hair at home, it’s smooth sailing.

Blow-Drying Mistake #1: You Start Drying Your Hair When It’s Sopping Wet

If you try to blow-dry your strands as soon as you hop out of the shower, you’re going to be blow-drying for a really long time. So, the next time you towel off, allow your hair to dry about 80 percent of the way on its own before reaching for your blow-dryer. Believe us, your strands will thank you!

Blow-Drying Mistake #2: You Don’t Dry Your Hair in Sections

This is another reason why it could be taking you so much time to dry your hair. 

The most efficient way to dry your hair is actually by taking the time to go section by section—when you don’t do this, your hair dryer can’t get to all of your strands. So, simply section your hair off, starting from the bottom up. In order to focus on one section at a time, use duckbill or butterfly clips to keep all of your other hair out of the way.

Blow-Drying Mistake #3: You Skip the Thermal Protectant

Using heat tools without applying a thermal protectant first could potentially cause damage. That’s why you should always spritz on a heat protectant spray, like the L’Oréal Paris Advanced Hairstyle BOOST IT Blow Out HeatSpraybefore you whip out your blow-dryer.

Blow-Drying Mistake #4: You Use the Wrong Heat Settings

Surely you’ve noticed the different heat settings on your blow-dryer, but do you really know what they mean? When it comes deciding which one to use, it’s all about your hair type. If you have thicker hair, you may need to use a higher heat setting to dry your hair in a reasonable amount of time, while if you have fine hair, a lower heat setting might be enough. Of course, the less heat you put on your hair the better, so experiment to see what works best for you!

Blow-Drying Mistake #5: You Don’t Blast Your Strands With a Cool Shot

Ooh, the mysterious cool shot button on the blow-dryer—what does it do? Well, it turns out it’s there to help seal your hair’s cuticle to keep your blowout looking shiny. That’s why you should consider using it once your hair is completely dry. Who knew?

Blow-Drying Mistake #6: You Get Too Close With Your Blow-Dryer

We’ve all been there: We want to dry our hair as quickly as possible, and it seems like the only way to do so is to cram our blow-dryer deep into our tresses. This could cause heat damage, so move that blow-dryer back!  

Blow-Drying Mistake #7: You Don’t Clean Your Blow-Dryer

The same way you need to clean your makeup brushes in order for them to work to their fullest potential, your blow-dryer needs similar attention. That’s because every time you use it, hair product particles and dust collect in the filter, which can lead to your blow-dryer not being able to work as well.

Blow-Drying Mistake #8: You Toss Your Blow-Dryer Attachments Aside

Who has the space or the time to figure out what those added gadgets do, right? They are worth using, though! Depending on the look you’re going for, diffusers can amp up curl definition, while concentrators can help you get super-sleek tresses, so be sure to hold on to them and use them when necessary.

Blow-Drying Mistake #9: You Aren’t Using the Right Blow-Dryer

Nope, not all blow-dryers are the same. If you have dry hair, consider using a ceramic blow-dryer. If you’re looking for the quickest drying time, pick up an ionic blow-dryer. Meanwhile, if a sleek finish is what you’re after, try a tourmaline blow-dryer.