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6 Curly hair myths dispelled

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6 Curly hair myths dispelled 6 Curly hair myths dispelled 6 Curly hair myths dispelled

It’s no myth that curly hair is demanding hair. Our curls are a part of our identity we take very seriously – and for that reason, we talk a lot about caring for them. But with all the information circulating on curly hair, not all is true. We’re here to dispel some of the biggest myths for you.

# 1- MYTH: Curly hair shouldn’t be frequently washed

It’s true that constant shampooing without replenishment of moisture (with a nourishing conditioner and treatment) can make curls starve for nourishment. But as long as you incorporate those nourishing elements into your routine, it’s fine to wash curly hair daily to cleanse and feel refreshed. Try an oil-based conditioner and leave-in treatment, like a serum or cream, to ensure you’re getting the right level of nourishment and not drying hair out. Whether or not daily shampoos are your preference, be careful not to eliminate shampoo entirely; it’s necessary to clean your scalp.

# 2- MYTH: Curly hair requires sulfate-free shampoo.
Sulfates are surfactants, which are effective cleaning agents that have been around since the dawn of shampoo. Sometimes they can be so effective at cleaning that they can clean away the good stuff: the natural oils and proteins in hair that keep it nourished. As long as you use the right products to ensure that hair is replenished with oils and conditioning agents, either a sulfate-free or shampoo with sulfates is fine for curly hair (in fact, a shampoo with sulfates may give you a better clean). Look for a haircare line specifically formulated for curly hair, ideally one with an oil-based shampoo and conditioner. Remember to include nourishing treatments such as a mask or leave-in cream as part of your routine.

#3- MYTH: It’s impossible to avoid dryness

Curly hair is often dryer than other hair types simply because it takes natural oil from the scalp longer to reach the ends of the hair (moisture has to spiral all the way down each strand). But that doesn’t mean dryness is a life sentence. Look for an ultra-nourishing shampoo and conditioner that is tailored to curly hair to ensure it won’t weigh curls down.

#4- MYTH: Tangles are a way of life
The twists and turns of curly hair can make it more susceptible to tangles, but there are ways to get around this. Try applying an oil serum to the lengths and ends of damp or wet hair – when it is most at risk for tangling and breakage – to add slip to hair and avoid tangles. Another trick is to try a satin pillowcase at night, which reduces friction and thus limits tangling.

#5- MYTH: Curly hair grows slower than other hair types

It can seem like curly hair takes forever to grow, but really it just takes longer to see the growth. Just as it takes moisture longer to reach the ends of curly hair due to its spirals and curves, it can take hair longer to show visible new length because it grows in the curl pattern. Don’t lose hope! It is possible to have long, curly hair; it just requires a bit of patience. 

#6- MYTH: Curls need moisture, moisture, moisture

Ok, so this one isn’t a myth. If anything is true of curls, it’s that they need lots of moisture and nourishment. Remember that hydration starts in the shower: choose a shampoo and conditioner system that is nourishing but won’t weigh hair down so curls stay bouncy. Incorporate oil treatments into your routine for maximum hydration and luster.