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5 nighttime rituals to live by for radiant hair

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5 nighttime rituals to live by for radiant hair 5 nighttime rituals to live by for radiant hair 5 nighttime rituals to live by for radiant hair

We’ve all heard about the benefits of beauty sleep: healthier-looking skin, a brighter complexion, minimal dark circles appearing under your eyes. But what about for your hair? Pick up one of these bedtime rituals to nourish your hair for softer, silkier, more radiant locks by morning.

#1- Overnight treatment
Try a nourishing leave-in treatment like an oil-in-cream or leave-in conditioner before bed. By applying product at night, you give it more time to replenish hair with moisture. Wash hair in the evening, dry at least partially, apply product and wrap hair in a loose bun to sleep. Expert tip: use a thin elastic to avoid any kinks.

#2- Satin cover

Try your favorite pillow with a satin cover. The smoother texture helps avoid friction with the hair, which can reduce tangling and frizz. Wake up to more manageable hair!

#3- Apply oil
If you choose just one product to incorporate into your hair routine, make it an oil serum. Oils are incredibly versatile: they fight dryness, tame frizz, nourish ends, and add a shiny, silky touch to hair. Try applying oil to the mid-lengths to ends of hair at night and then braiding it for soft, nourished waves in the morning. (Just remember to wash your pillowcase more frequently if you adopt this ritual.)

#4- Try a humidifier
A dry climate, especially in the winter months, can wreak havoc on hair already prone to dryness. If that sounds like your situation, think about investing in a humidifier to run in your room at night to keep hair (and skin!) hydrated. Too sticky outside to use it in the summer? A cool mist humidifier is another option. Qualm any worries about frizz with a quick application of oil serum.

# 5- Indulge in a mask
Few things feel better than a warm, relaxing shower before bedtime. Take yours up a notch with a nourishing hair mask. Apply the mask from lengths to ends and twist hair back as you cleanse the rest of your body. We love a cold rinse after a mask, but rinsing with warm water in the evening can help you wind down before bed.