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5 must-know secrets to maintain healthy curly hair

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5 must-know secrets to maintain healthy curly hair 5 must-know secrets to maintain healthy curly hair 5 must-know secrets to maintain healthy curly hair

When we wear our hair curly, we embrace one of our most beautiful attributes. But curls are demanding and require special care daily. When we take care of our hair, we nurture our most important accessory. 

If your curls are demanding and care-intensive like ours, read on for some helpful tips. We’ve collected these directly from girls with healthy and beautiful curls, so take note!

Your towel matters
While most of us don’t think twice about the towel we use to dry our hair, this is just as important of a part of our regimen as the products we use. A regular cotton towel can cause friction on the hair cuticle, resulting in frizz. Next time, try a microfiber towel after showering to remove excess water from the hair and let curls dry more defined and less frizzy.

Curly hair demands tailored products
The ultimate solution to moisturized and defined curls starts in the shower – before towel drying or using any hair treatments or styling products. Be sure to select a shampoo and conditioner tailored to curly hair. (And if for some reason you didn’t already know: don’t skip the conditioner! Your curls need the nourishment.) The best shampoo systems for curls should be nourishing but not so much as to weigh hair down so that curls remain bouncy and full of life.

Try a satin pillowcase

We all know the importance of getting our beauty rest, but who knew where you rest your head is just as important? Chances are your hair spends more time against your pillow than it does anywhere else. Cotton pillowcases can create friction between your hair and the pillow, resulting in frizz and breakage. A smooth, satin pillowcase helps you avoid the issue – and makes your hair easier to manage. 

Add a diffuser to your blow dryer
Blow dryers can expose hair to intense, direct heat which in turn causes curls to be frizzy and lose their natural shape upon drying. With a diffuser, heat is distributed more evenly, helping to prevent this frizz and enhance your individual curl pattern. Before drying, don’t forget to apply product to protect your hair from the heat. 

An oil serum with heat protectant is a great option. Using a shampoo system designed for curls before drying hair will help ensure that the shape of your curls are maintained, shiny and defined, even after exposure to intense heat.

Beyond just conditioner, find a conditioning mask

Over time, heat and the elements can cause curls to go limp. Replenish conditioning agents in your curls with a super-hydrating mask. As with shampoo and conditioner, find a product that is nourishes without a formula that can weigh hair down. A mask with lightweight oils or an oil blend is ideal.