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12 Nude Manicure Designs For a Chic, Minimalist Look

Beauty Trends

12 Nude Manicure Designs For a Chic, Minimalist Look 12 Nude Manicure Designs For a Chic, Minimalist Look 12 Nude Manicure Designs For a Chic, Minimalist Look

Deciding on the perfect nail color can often feel like a daunting decision. If you want to ensure the color combination complements your beauty look all week, opt for a neutral palette. Just because the palette is nude doesn't mean it can’t have pizzaz. ICYMI: neutral nail art is trending! If you’re ready to hop on the nude manicure bandwagon, we’re here to assist. Ahead, we’re sharing 12 nude nail designs that are anything but basic.


Why we love them: This is a fantastic way to showcase a cool shape that garners attention. You can pair nude polish with gold, white, or silver hues for an extra pop.

How to get the look: Set the stage by painting your nails nude. Once dry, use a thin detail brush to create horizontal zig-zag lines from one side to the other.


Why we love them: Geometric nails make it easy to add some spice to your manicure with different shapes. You can decide between simple or intricate designs to suit your fancy.

How to get the look: This design is all about precision, so it’s best to leave it in the hands of your manicurist.


Why we love them: When it comes to nude nail designs, polka dots add a classic and vintage-inspired approach. And if you’re a nail art newbie, note that it’s pretty simple to create.

How to get the look: Kick things off by painting your nails with your desired nail polish color. Dip the rounded tip of a bobby pin into the nude polish. Carefully press the tip onto your nails to form polka dots.


Why we love them: They bear a striking resemblance to the gorgeous marble surfaces that you may see in home décor. Plus, they add a luxurious yet sophisticated vibe to your manicure.

How to get the look: Start by painting your nails nude. Grab a small detail brush and paint random white lines throughout your nails. Use a toothpick to “swirl” the shades together to create a marble-esque look.


Why we love them: For those who love the idea of showing off their natural nails with a bit of color, negative space nails are the ideal pick. They incorporate geometric shapes on bare nails to create an illusion of the design.

How to get the look: Apply a thin, rectangle-shaped strip of tape to the center of your nails. Paint around the taped area with nude nail polish. Let your nails dry and remove the tape. Now you have a transparent design to show off.


Why we love it: The ombré trend is a cool way to rock two shades in one look. If you choose white as your second color, it can be a modern spin on the traditional French manicure design. Envision a nude base that transitions to bright white tips.

How to get the look: Since you need to achieve a seamless gradient of color, it’s best to consult with your nail technician.


Why we love it: This nude nail design flaunts a half-moon shape at the base (top of the nail), with the rest of your nail painted a natural nude color. It’s a modern twist on an old classic.

How to get the look: Layer your nails with a coat of nude polish. Paint a half-moon shape with white polish at the base of your nail.


Why we love them: Gone are days of having to decide on one set color for your manicure. Two-tone nails are all about rocking two hues of color side by side, without blending the shades.

How to get the look: Start by choosing a nude polish and a coordinating shade. To ensure a flawless line, place a thin strip of tape on one side of your nail and layer your paint on the other. Once dry, remove the tape and carefully apply your second color to the other side.


Why we love them: Floral textured nails allow you to put your femininity on full display with a luxe touch. They’re sculpted with a small detail brush, nail polish, and acrylic powder to create the actual shape of a flower.

How to get the look: This intricate design requires careful precision and expertise to create a textured floral finish, so you’ll need to make an appointment with your manicurist.


Why we love them: Striped nails bridge the gap between simplistic yet classic style. They also allow you to play with angles in a unique way.

How to get the look: Coat your nails with nude polish. Use a thin polish brush and paint your stripes wherever you please. We recommend opting for metallic shades for an on-trend finish.


Why we love them: They showcase a clear shade on the top half of your nails with a brighter hue on the bottom section.

How to get the look: All you have to do is paint your nails with nude polish from the middle of your nail down to the tip.


Why we love them: There’s almost no better way to give your manicure a sophisticated and glamorous vibe than by embellishing your nails with actual mini pearls.

How to get the look: Paint your nails with nude nail polish. Use a small amount of glue and stick the pearls onto your nails. You can place them along the base of your nails, at the tip, or all-over.

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