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8 Beauty Product Purchases to Make on Black Friday

Beauty Trends

8 Beauty Product Purchases to Make on Black Friday 8 Beauty Product Purchases to Make on Black Friday 8 Beauty Product Purchases to Make on Black Friday

While you may be busy planning for Thanksgiving with recipes, hairstyles, and makeup looks, there’s one important thing that may be slipping your mind—Black Friday shopping! You’ll want to compile a list of all your beauty product must-haves because, let’s face it, maintaining your beauty look isn’t exactly budget-friendly. If you’re overwhelmed with all the options and discounts, refer to our list below for eight beauty product purchases to make this Black Friday.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #1: Powder Products

Powder products tend to last longer than other makeup products—like liquids and creams—in your routine, so stock up on these while they’re on sale. We’re talking powder blushes, highlighters, and face powders. The general guideline is to toss old mascara every three months, liquid liner every six months, and lip gloss and foundation every year. Powders, on the other hand, should last you for a few years before they expire so you can pick up as many as your wallet will allow and not worry that the spoils of your shopping trip are about to, well, spoil. 

Black Friday Beauty Buy #2: Serums

Let’s be honest—while you may be willing to follow an in-depth, dedicated skin care routine, not every skin care product fits into your budget. A face serum may be one of those products you haven’t found the will to splurge on yet, so use Black Friday as an excuse to add a serum to your regimen. If you aren’t sure what type of serum is right for you, we recommend considering a vitamin C serum. You can read our article, The Truth About Vitamin C Serum, to see if this type of serum is a match for your skin.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #3: gift sets

DIY gift sets for friends and family members are perfect for the holidays, but they can add up quick. Instead of buying all the products you want to include at full price, stock up on all the necessary goods during Black Friday sales. Need a little gift inspiration? Check out our article, The Perfect Gift for Every Person in Your Life.

Of course, brand-curated gift sets—no DIY-ing required—will likely be on sale for Black Friday too. Pick up a few to have on hand; they’ll make great last-minute gifts for anyone you forget to buy something for. And yes, if you've managed to hang onto them by the time the holidays are over, you can keep those unclaimed gift sets for yourself or, better yet, donate them!

Black Friday Beauty Buy #4: Hair care products

Instead of purchasing tons of trendy products, which you may not really need, use Black Friday to stock up on essentials that you won’t want to pay full price for later on. Hair care products like shampoo, conditioner, and dry shampoo are necessities you probably feel like you’re always purchasing—since you can’t go too long without them—and this way you’ll be able to go at least a few months without an emergency trip to the drugstore to grab more shampoo.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #5: red lipstick

There’s nothing like red lipstick for the holidays. You’ll surely want to wear this color over the next month or so, so if there isn’t a red lippie already in your collection, now’s your chance to get one. We suggest opting for one with a longwear formula; that way your lip color can survive any mistletoe kisses that might be coming your way.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #6: Masks, masks, masks

After Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance you’ll be stuck in a food coma. Embrace a lazy long weekend by indulging in a face mask. Pick up on a variety of masks during your Black Friday shopping trip so you have options for your post-Holiday self-care session. From sheet to bubble to clay masks—there are plenty of options. Once you have your new stash of masks, if you can’t choose which to use first, we recommend multi-masking—an ultra-fun and effective masking technique.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #7: Eye shadow

You can never have enough eye shadow—especially with so many shades and finishes to choose from. Consider Black Friday your excuse to buy every shade your heart desires—and to try out some of the latest eye makeup trends while you’re at it. Be on the hunt for shadows that will allow you to embrace the red eye makeup trend.

Black Friday Beauty Buy #8: Makeup remover

As much as we love a stunning makeup look, removing your makeup at the end of the night is an essential part of any skin care routine. It’s easy to go through makeup remover quickly, so stock up on your remover of choice whether that’s makeup wipes or micellar water.

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