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5 Ways to Work on Your Beauty Routine While You Sleep

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5 Ways to Work on Your Beauty Routine While You Sleep 5 Ways to Work on Your Beauty Routine While You Sleep 5 Ways to Work on Your Beauty Routine While You Sleep

Ahhh…is there anything better than falling into bed after a long day? A good night’s rest can leave you feeling totally refreshed in the morning. And when it comes to your skin and hair, there’s a reason why sleep is called beauty sleep. It turns out that you can strategically use the time you snooze to pamper your complexion and your mane. Follow our tips below to work on your beauty routine after you hit the sheets.

Beauty Sleep Tip #1: Take Your Makeup Off

Before you apply any nighttime skin care products (more on our favorite later!), it’s important to cleanse your skin first. When you sleep in your makeup, it can mix with the dirt and oils that have built up on the surface of your skin, which can lead to clogged pores, and clogged pores can lead to breakouts. Leave a no-rinse cleansing option like micellar water (along with a pack of cotton pads) by your bed so that you can cleanse your complexion even when you’re super-tired. Try the L’Oréal Paris Micellar Cleansing Water Complete Cleanser Waterproof – All Skin Types, which cleans dirt, impurities, and waterproof makeup from the surface of skin.

Beauty Sleep Tip #2: Apply an Overnight Face Mask

You likely already know the benefits of using face masks in your skin care routine—but have you ever thought about using an overnight face mask? Overnight masks differ from traditional face masks in that you don’t have to rinse it off—yep, you leave it on while you sleep. The L’Oréal Paris RevitaLift Triple Power™ Intensive Overnight Mask is a luxurious, hydrating leave-on creamy face mask that forms a virtual protective mask to cradle skin. Immediately, skin feels hydrated and looks more radiant. Every evening prior to sleep, apply the overnight face mask to cleansed skin. Use alone or as the last step after your eye cream or serum. Smooth it over your face, neck, and jawline until absorbed. Leave it on overnight to see results.

Beauty Sleep Tip #3: Put on Lotion and Gloves

Sleeping with gloves on might seem slightly odd, but it’s a great way to moisturize your hands while you sleep. Apply a generous amount of your favorite hand cream, then slip a pair of cotton gloves on right over top. The gloves can help ensure your hand cream doesn’t slip off onto your sheets. While you’re at it, do the same for your feet. Use a foot cream or body lotion, then pull on a pair of socks. When you whip the gloves and socks off in the a.m., you can expect your hands and feet to feel nourished.

Beauty Sleep Tip #4: Wear Your Hair in Braids

Waking up early to style your hair with a curling wand may be effective, but those are important minutes of sleep you’re missing out on. Instead, you can limit the amount you heat style your hair and still get stylish-looking waves. Simply put your hair into two braids—or more, depending on how thick your hair is and how tight you want the waves—and spend the night with your hair plaited. In the morning, you can loosen your locks, taking out the braids, and your hair should fall into effortless waves. Spray a bit of hairspray, and you already have your hairstyle for the day handled.

Beauty Sleep Tip #5: Bring a Humidifier into the Bedroom

This little tip is for those of you with dry skin. Dry skin can be caused by all sorts of things, and one of those is your environment. If you often find yourself in dry place with the AC or heat blasting, there likely isn’t much moisture in the air, and that can end up affecting your skin. While you can’t always control your environment, you can make a small change. Invest in a humidifier to keep by your bedside, which can help by putting moisture back into the air. (Next, you’ll want to check out our 14 Skin Care Rules for Dry Skin Types.)

Ready to indulge in some beauty sleep? That’s what we thought. To upgrade your nighttime beauty routine even more, check out our article, 5 Overnight Hair Hacks to Try Tonight.