"Being a Women of Worth to me, means exuding passion, inspiration and dedication ultimately acknowledging the Power Of One. "
– Diane Latiker, founder of Kids Off The Block

About Diane Latiker

In 2003, Diane founded Kids Off The Block when she opened her Chicago home to more than 75 youth in her community, who sought safety and refuge from the perils of the Chicago streets. Since then, Diane has opened her doors to help low-income, at-risk youth find positive alternatives to gangs, drugs, truancy, violence, and the juvenile justice system. Kids Off the Block has had a positive impact on more than 3,000 young lives that otherwise might have been lost to a life of gangs and crime. Thanks to Diane and Kids Off The Block, an astounding number of young people have made their way to her home—and later earned scholarships to go to college, graduate, start careers, and lead successful lives.

About Kids Off The Block

Kids Off The Block works with youth, teens and young adults ages 12-24 years old to provide homework help, mentoring, activities and a safe place for individual meetings and group discussions. The organization emphasizes self-development to identify the skills and knowledge based needs to achieve individual goals.

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