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  • Feel Naturale™ Powder Deep - Face Powder

Feel Naturale™ Powder

Natural Matte Finish.
Light, Silky Texture.

How To Use
Expert Application Technique Lightly pat over face. Smooth using gentle, downward strokes. Wear alone or over makeup for longer wear.
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Katt Cocoa, FL
  • 5
Posted: Feel Naturale™ Powder

The only thing wrong with this product is I can't find it anymore. I searched the web for hours. I am not even sure if it is discontinued, certainly hope not.

skintone West Jordan, UT
  • 5
Posted: Feel Naturale™ Powder

I have been using this product this it came out it is simply the best product ever. I have hard to match skin color and no professional has been able to match my skin tone. I use this over my foundation and it makes it perfect and not oily even touch ups are perfect. My makeup go's on @ 5:00 am I touch it up on my way home @ 5:30 and... it looks good until aleast 10:00 pm. NO ONE can best that, and that includes sports as well. They stop carrying this in the stores buy on line

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