• EverStyle Alcohol-Free™ Curl Defining Gel - Hair Gel

EverStyle Alcohol-Free™ Curl Defining Gel

Defines curls.
Controls frizz.
Adds shine.

How To Use
DIRECTIONS: Apply desired amount into palm and distribute evenly throughout damp hair. Scrunch hair to enhance curl pattern. Let hair air dry or blow dry with a diffuser.
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CurlyGirl3c4b New York, NY
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Curl Defining Gel

This is a miracle worker! I am African American with natural hair, and I can style my hair, let it air dry, and have it last 3 - 5 days. I use it in conjunction with the Eversleek Reparative Smoothing Conditioner. I get beautiful consistent results every time!

Curly Mop Los Angeles, CA
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Curl Defining Gel

I absolutely LOVE this stuff!!! I've been using hair products from the salon I go to which specializes in cutting/styling only curly hair and the L'OREAL Everstyle blows the salons's own brand out of the water. I'm just so very disappointed that all drug stores have stopped carrying and have since replaced it with the Evercurl line. ...I tried the evercurl line and it doesn't seem to hold my thick curls in place like the Everstyle Curl defining Gel. Im hoping this product never goes away!!! Thank you L'OREAL!!

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Believer9200 Fort Mill, SC
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Curl Defining Gel

I love this product! My hair is long, thick and very wavy. Traditional gels even those for curly hair can leave my hair feeling stiff and crunchy. This gel leaves my hair feeling soft and easily brushable. It doesn't dry out my hair or leave a dull residue.

Alexandrra Miami, FL
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Curl Defining Gel

This is the absolute best product for curly hair I have ever tried. My hair is super curly but different than what most people assume curly hair is like. I have a normal amount of hair (not thin or thick) made up of fine hairs that love to stand up because they're not weighed down (making it super frizzy), not the heavy thick hair mo...st think of when thinking of curly hair. Most curly hair products that I have tried have been made for this second type of curly hair, not mine. Every time I am upset to find out that these "AMAZZZZZINGGGG!" curly hair products do not work for me. With this product, not only am I satisfied with my hair, but have gotten multiple compliments! Many of these compliments saying something along the lines of, "your hair looks different" (while smiling) "did you cut it?". To which I respond, "I didn't but thanks!" and they say, "well, it looks great!". I am late to the game on this one and devastated to find out that it has been discontinued. I BEG you L'OREAL to think of girls like me and consider returning this product.

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  • 4
Posted: Reviewing: Curl Defining Gel

good for the winter months when you need an extra hold, it also defines my curls giving me third day hair which is impossible for me. SMELLS GREAT!! I haven't tried it on its own yet, I usually pair it with the L'OREAL smooth

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