Women of Worth FAQ


Who is eligible for the Women of Worth Award?

All women who have been true to themselves by following their passion to make a difference are eligible to participate. Award nominees must be women; legal residents of the 50 United States or the District of Columbia; consent to be nominated and 18 years of age or older at the time of nomination.

Where should a Nominee's volunteer activity have occurred to be eligible for the Award?

The nominee's volunteer activities must have occurred in the continental United States and have primarily benefited domestic American needs.

Is a Nominee eligible if she is paid for some or all of the "volunteer" activities she is being nominated for?

All volunteer activities of the Nominee must be unpaid and cannot include court-ordered community service, however, nominees who receive a nominal stipend for their service (such as in connection with a national service program such as AmeriCorps and Peace Corps) may be eligible.

How long must a nominee's volunteer service have occurred to be eligible for the Award?

To be eligible, the volunteer activity should have lasted for at least six uninterrupted months and should be ongoing.

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Awards, Honorees & Prizes

How many Women Of Worth Honorees are selected?

There are ten Honorees annually - selected from across the United States; chosen from among the eligible nominations received. In addition, one National Women Of Worth Honoree will be selected from the pool of the ten Honorees by an online vote open to the public.

What awards/prizes do the Women Of Worth Honorees receive?

L’Oréal Paris will make a $10,000 donation on behalf of each Honoree to a charitable organization of her choice (see official rules), and an all-expense paid trip to New York City ($1,400 maximum of travel and hotel accommodation) to be recognized at an Awards event.

Additionally, one National Honoree with the most online shares will receive an additional $25,000 donation to her cause. All Honorees will receive national recognition for her cause and volunteer efforts.

How will individuals be notified that they are a 2015 Women Of Worth National Honoree?

All Honorees will be notified by telephone in mid to late September 2015. The National Women Of Worth Honoree will be announced at the celebration event in December 2015.

What does it mean to be a Women Of Worth Honoree?

In addition to being flown to New York and honored at a high-profile event attended by celebrities, dignitaries and distinguished volunteers, each Honoree will be an integral part of the Women Of Worth Community.

The Women Of Worth Community provides Honorees with a national platform to share information about cherished causes and help spread the spirit of volunteerism across the country.

Depending on the individual availability/interest of each Honoree and what community opportunities arise during the year, Women Of Worth will be invited to participate in an array of national conferences on volunteerism; post volunteer/community service tips and essays on the Women Of Worth website and L'Oréal Paris Facebook page; participate in key media events including photo shoots, vignette/commercial shoots and promotional videos; participate as a judge to select future Women Of Worth Honorees and MORE.

How can I obtain a list of the 2015 Award Honorees?

The complete Honoree list will be posted on the Women Of Worth website in early November. You can also obtain a list of Honorees (available after November 2, 2015), by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope to "Women Of Worth Award" c/o The Points of Light Institute, 600 Means Street Suite 210, Atlanta, Ga 30318.

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Nominations will be organized into five groups by decades: 18-29 year olds, 30-39 year olds, 40-49 year olds, 50-59 year olds, 60+ year olds. A representative from each age group will be chosen based on the following criteria, as judged by representatives of the Sponsor:

  • Impact (40%)

    - Is there demonstrated impact (new program or activity begun, number of people served, etc.) resulting from the nominee's activities?
  • Community Needs and Solutions (25%)

    - Do the nominee's activities meet a real community need or concern? Community needs are broadly defined as providing food, shelter, and access to healthcare, providing arts programming or activities, strengthening educational programs, or providing enrichment activities that benefit children.
  • Passion (20%)

    - Does her work epitomize the statement, “Because You’re Worth it,” and the spirit of the Women of Worth program (recognizing the instrinsic worth and beauty in all people)?
  • Innovation (15%)

    - Do the nominee's activities reflect an innovative or unique approach to meeting community needs?

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Women Of Worth Community

What is the Women Of Worth Community?

The Women Of Worth Community is a group of women who are true to their passion of making their local communities better via volunteerism. Womenofworth.com provides a place for women from across the country to be inspired by the work of our Women of Worth Honorees. In addition, women can find resources to help connect them with local volunteer opportunities.

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What is the nomination deadline for the 2015 Award?

The 2015 Women of Worth Call for Nominations closes on May 31, 2015.

How do I nominate a Woman Of Worth?

There are two methods of entry:

  • Method #1

    - To enter online, visit www.womenofworth.com, complete the nomination form, and follow the online instructions to submit your nomination.
  • Method #2

    - To enter by mail, send a completed Official Nomination Form by first class mail, with proper postage affixed to: "Women Of Worth Award" c/o The Points of Light Institute, 600 Means Street, Suite 210 Atlanta, Ga 30318.

Can I nominate myself for the Women Of Worth Award?

Yes, self-nominations are permissible and encouraged.

Can an organization nominate an individual for the Women Of Worth Award?

Yes, however, the organization must identify an individual at the organization to serve as a contact for verification purposes.

Can an organization or group be nominated for the Women Of Worth Award?

The Women Of Worth Award can be given only to an individual - NOT an organization. You can nominate an individual for her work done on behalf of an organization or as part of a group, but you cannot nominate the organization or group for an award.

Do I need to submit a photograph with my nomination form?

No, nomination submissions do not need to include a photograph of the nominee.

Can I submit additional materials, such as press clippings, video, or other materials in support of my nomination?

If you wish to include supporting documents with your online nomination form, you will be prompted to upload them during step 4 of your online nomination submission process. If you are submitting your nomination by mail, please include your supporting materials with your completed nomination form.

What can I do if I accidentally submit an incomplete nomination, or want to add new information to a nomination already submitted?

You can begin an application and save it to complete at a later time. However, once you have submitted your entry and received a confirmation number, you will not be able to modify it or submit additional information.

What can I do if I cannot remember the password and/or username that I selected during the registration process?

If you've forgotten your username and/or password, click the FORGOT PASSWORD? link located on the nomination form login page. Your password information will immediately be sent to the email address you submitted.

How will I know that my Women Of Worth nomination was submitted successfully?

To complete the nomination process you will need to complete the nomination form. The form will show completed steps in gray and incomplete steps in white. You can log into your account anytime and see the color-coded complete/incomplete steps of any nominations you created.

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Do I need references for the Women Of Worth Award Program?

Finalists will be contacted for references at the appropriate time.

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Judging & Online Sharing

Who are the judges for the Women Of Worth Award?

The Women Of Worth judges are a diverse group of women who exemplify the same admirable qualities that our nominees possess - a dedication to being true to themselves, a devotion to community and outstanding achievement in their respective fields. These women will serve as judges on the final judging panel and will select ten Women of Worth Honorees.

The general public acts as the judge for the selection of the National Woman Of Worth by sharing their favorite honoree’s story.

What are the judging phases?

Judging will take place in two phases. During the first phase, the esteemed panel of judges will select ten Women of Worth Honorees from among the finalists.

In the second phase of judging, the general public will select one National Woman of Worth Honoree.

When and where will the National Woman of Worth be announced?

The Awards Ceremony will take place in New York City in December 2015.

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What is the 2015 Women Of Worth Award Program schedule?

  • March 3 - May 31, 2015: Nomination Submission Period
  • November 2 - 20, 2015: National Honoree Online Voting
  • December 2015: The Women of Worth Award Ceremony

Who are the 2014 Women Of Worth Honorees?

Click here for a complete list of the 2014 Honorees.

How can I get involved in helping my community?

You can learn more about starting your own community initiative and find information on local service opportunities by visiting Points of Light, the world's leading nonprofit volunteer organization.

Who is the sponsor of the Women Of Worth Award?

The Sponsor of the Award program is: L’Oréal Paris, Consumer Products Division of L’Oréal Paris USA, Inc., 575 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

Who administers the Women Of Worth Award program?

The Award program is administered by Points of Light, 600 Means Street, Suite 210 Atlanta, Ga 30318.

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