• RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift - Eye Cream

RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift

Dual action treatment.
Smooths wrinkles under-eye.
Tightens skin above the eyes.

How To Use
Application Step 1:
Apply small dots of the white under-eye cream below the eye and to crow’s-feet with ring finger and smooth gently until thoroughly absorbed.

Step 2:
Massage a small amount of the red upper eye, lifting gel evenly across the upper-eye area. Allow to dry for one minute for an intense lifting sensation.

Use in the AM or PM, alone or under makeup. RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift provides an excellent base for concealer or eye makeup.
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Kimberly Patterson, CA
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Double Eye Lift

I started using the Advanced RevitaLift Double Eye Lift to help fight the first signs of aging around my eyes like the tiny fine lines. The results are great! The eye cream is gentle and trusting and its natural feel is comforting and soothing as is the gel for the upper eye area. It's very convenient when I use it morning or night a...long with the cleanser and cremes. I've seen an impovement since I've been using this product. I just smooth away puffiness. A Must Have!

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Pryor, OK
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Double Eye Lift

I LOVE this double lifting eye cream/gel! The gel is cool and lifts my drooping lids almost immediately. The undereye cream is also soothing; however, I'm not sure its results are as good as the upper eye lifting gel. I wish they would make a dispenser with just the gel.

Christina S Mission, TX
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Double Eye Lift

I highly recommend this eye product. It gives me the lift around the eye area.

Tulsa, OK
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Double Eye Lift

I love this product I use the gel on my eyelids and continue from the arch of my eybrow to my hair line to see maximm lifting results. It only lasts a few hours but I am okay with that. I have not tried to applly over make-up. Can anyone tell me if it works if reapplied mid day over make up?

Julie Hirschfield Conroe, TX
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Double Eye Lift

Wow, I just put this on and could see the results instantly, could not believe it. I had to write a review and then found out there is now triple lifting and miracle blur. I am definitely going to try the other products.

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