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Introducing the new shampoo system that acts like a glossing treatment with every use. Nutri-Gloss with Glyco-Silk is tailor-made for normal or dull hair. Use the shampoo, conditioner and glossing mist for 48 hours of glossy shine and nutrition.

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Color Vibrancy

There’s nothing quite like vibrant color to turn heads. Color Vibrancy formula with Anti-Oxidant [UV] helps protect the hair fiber so color-treated hair stays brilliant.

*Based on 4 washings per week using the system of shampoo and conditioner.

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Total Repair 5

Total Repair 5 formula with Ceramide fights the 5 signs of damaged strands for: 1. rebuilt fibers, 2. strength, 3. vitality, 4. silkiness, and 5. shine. See stronger, shinier hair.

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Total Repair Extreme

Don’t cut damaged hair—repair it. Total Repair Extreme formula with Lactic AHA deeply penetrates and strengthens the architecture of hair. See new life in every strand.

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Volume Filler

Always dreamed of thicker, fuller hair? Volume Filler formula with Filloxane increases the diameter of hair for a thicker feel and lasting volume over time.

*Based on consumer study.

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Ultimate Straight

Finally, straight hair that lasts. Ultimate Straight formula with Kera-Tourmaline helps relax each strand for transformed hair that’s shiny, straight and perfect.

*Based on using complete system with heat styling tools.

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Smooth Intense

Look no further to tame frizz. Smooth Intense formula with Oleo-Keratin softens and smooths each strand, leaving hair dramatically polished and perfectly sleek.

*When using system of shampoo, conditioner and treatment vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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Power Moisture

Lock in the fresh feel of just-washed hair, for her and for him. Power Moisture formula with Hyaluronic keeps hair intensely moisturized and soft with no weigh down.

*Based on using complete system of shampoo, conditioner, and detangler mist.

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Triple Resist

Looking for strengthened hair that stands the brush-through test? Now breakage meets its match. Triple Resist formula with Arginine reinforces every strand and helps resist damage.

*Hair fall due to breakage. When using system of shampoo, conditioner and treatment in a brushing test that measures breakage vs. non-conditioning shampoo.

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