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RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift


Dual action treatment.
Smooths wrinkles under-eye.
Tightens skin above the eyes.

How To Use
Application Step 1:
Apply small dots of the white under-eye cream below the eye and to crow’s-feet with ring finger and smooth gently until thoroughly absorbed.

Step 2:
Massage a small amount of the red upper eye, lifting gel evenly across the upper-eye area. Allow to dry for one minute for an intense lifting sensation.

Use in the AM or PM, alone or under makeup. RevitaLift® Double Eye Lift provides an excellent base for concealer or eye makeup.
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FrustratedMama Litchfield Park, AZ
  • 1

I cannot find a list of ingredients in this product, and have also experienced itching and redness from the upper eyelid gel. I have a known allergy to propyl galate, and it would be nice to know if that ingredient is in this product. I stopped using the upper lid gel immediately after having a reaction, and the lower eye cream has n...ot been effective with my existing wrinkles over the past month of use. I won't be wasting my money on this product anymore.

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Julie Hirschfield Conroe, TX
  • 5

Wow, I just put this on and could see the results instantly, could not believe it. I had to write a review and then found out there is now triple lifting and miracle blur. I am definitely going to try the other products.

Tulsa, OK
  • 5

I love this product I use the gel on my eyelids and continue from the arch of my eybrow to my hair line to see maximm lifting results. It only lasts a few hours but I am okay with that. I have not tried to applly over make-up. Can anyone tell me if it works if reapplied mid day over make up?

Christina S Mission, TX
  • 5

I highly recommend this eye product. It gives me the lift around the eye area.

BigRain Minneapolis, MN
  • 4

This is a smooth, pleasant-feeling serum/lotion that has two dispenser tubes in the bottle. The fancy bottle isn't the greatest idea because although it's attractve and different, it's a bit hard to use. The product is somewhat light for my 50-something eyes, so I use it during the day when I wear makeup, but I use the Age Perfect ey...e cream balm at night.

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