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HydraFresh Toner


Gentle, non-drying formula.
Pro-Vitamin B5 helps protect against moisture loss.
Refreshes and softens in a splash.

How To Use
Application Moisten a cotton ball and smooth over cleansed face and neck. Use morning and night.
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KeenJoy Syracuse, NY
  • 5

I have used this toner since my cousin gave me my first bottle when I was 14. Now age 32 I still use it every morning and even though the formula has changed a but I still swear by it. I reccomend it as a great priced quality toner with quality ingredients that delivers. I have had more people tell me how much they love this toner th...an I can remember.

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Babs Maspeth, NY
  • 5

WOW, i recommend this toner!!! Very refreshing and does NOT dry my skin... I am 47 year old. I think at this age, we need something to even out our skin tone... This does it, and i only used it for a month so far, and i can see the difference... Unreal.

  • 5

makes my skin so refreshed and clean love the cooling on my face

  • 5

I've been using this toner for years and can truely say it improves my skin. My only challenge in that it's beginning to get difficult locating it in stores.

  • 5

I love this toner - so freshing, and I've used it for years. However, I think the packaging could be improved by incorporating a smaller opening such as the more expensive brands use. It would eliminate excessive product on your cotton pad. Just a suggestion. Thank you.

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