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Studio Secrets™ Professional Color Correcting Primers Anti-Redness Primer


Color Correcting Primer.
Neutralizes redness.
Flawlessly even skin-tone.

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Haili Ashland City, TN
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This stuff is amazing! My face has always had a lot of red areas that even most foundations can't really hide but using this and the Magic Nude Liquid Powder makes my face look almost flawless.

HRH Little Queenie Metairie, LA
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Correction. Had. The previous week, I quite literally discovered the "Magic Perfecting Base/Face Primer" by complete accident (another lady browsing the cosmetics isle dropped the smaller "sample" jar she was considering - I picked it up for her). Needless to say, after reading the description, I *had* to toss one of the little jars my basket (works like a charm!). Okay, so - I figure if "Secret No. 1" works so blasted great - the rest of the line has to be just as good. Went shopping the next day. The following day turned out to be more than a bit disappointing: I purchased all of the "Color Correcting Primers" - ended up returning them and went back to the concealer I've been using for a few years now. I thought well "maybe it's just me" so, I called my best friend to come over so I could experiment with this stuff on her face. Same thing happened with her though (needless to say, we had to immediately run out and buy "Secret No. 1 for her!). Believe me, the trouble does not stem from lack of experience with makeup (I did some modeling during my high school years and we learned practically everything there is to know not to mention techniques). On that note, I'm quite certain that the companies we were representing did not want us strutting *THEIR* merchandise whilst being made up like "Raggedy Ann and Andy". All kidding aside - for some reason (perhaps, certain of the ingredients clash), the entire "Magic/Studio Secrets" line does not work together as you would be naturally lead to believe (or, shall we say is true for other cosmetic lines) not for me though). I do use quite a few items from the Magic/Studio Secrets" line - and I am quite pleased with them. The color correcting primers are a HUGE no-no.

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i have red blemishes and i tryed to buy the make up forever anti-redness and was horrible very watery and ive try all kinds but this brand is the best the texture is so right and it covers perfect please dont dis contunied never never i love it because is afordable

aleg kissimmee, FL
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please guys don't EVER think about discontinuing this product. Its amazing on my face and my face can get VERY red and this makes my face look better without feeling heavy.

Cosmeticgirl dallas, TX
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I'm not sure how I feel about this product, it does cover the read but I feel it washed my face out, what I mean by that is it leaves the spot where I applied it lighter than my skin tone! Would I buy it again?Maybe not

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