Nail Art Ideas to Wear with White

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  • Symbolic of purity, elegance and beauty when worn from head to toe and white is color that creates something of a blank canvas where accessories and nail art are concerned. Because of this, we have come up with a few ideas to help narrow down the search for the perfect manicure to wear with white!

    White on White

    If you're wearing white and only want to wear white, you could always go for a white manicure. With the addition of a topcoat, a white manicure is easily customized with a little sparkle or even a matte effect.

    Expert tip: Take care when applying white nail polish. It's one of those shades that ensures any mistakes are mercilessly obvious...

  • Back to Black

    To add some serious contrast to your look, a black manicure is another option. This will help your nails to really stand out next to your outfit and adds a rebellious yet sophisticated edge to a head-to-toe white.

    Expert tip: With black manicures, it can be a good idea to coordinate some of your accessories, whether your jewelry, bag or even your shoes.

  • Go Nude

    Perhaps the most classic option of the bunch, a nude manicure is a go-to look when deciding which nail polish color to wear with a white outfit. The same goes for similarly subtle shades such as Wishful Pinking and Versailles Romance. All of these help to create a chic, timeless look!

    Expert tip: Get the French look. Whether the right way up or in reverse, the French manicure is one of those manicure styles that can be worn anywhere.

  • Cool and Colorful

    For a fun, youthful vibe, take a bright manicure for a test drive. Whether you wear one color or ten different ones, bright nail polish creates a fun, carefree look that is perfect for the summer months (as it is for brightening up the dreary winter ones).

    Which look do you like best?

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