Nail Art Ideas to Wear with Brights

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  • After falling in love with and subsequently purchasing a brand new colorful outfit, now it's time to play your jewelry, shoes and of course your manicure! That said, it can be pretty difficult to choose the right nail polish (or polishes) to wear with any vibrant outfit, multi-colored ones in particular. As with black or white outfits, there are numerous options to create the perfect complementary nail look.

  • Total Color

    Wearing a bright outfit is enough to make you stand out from the crowd, so why not take things a little further by matching your nails to your clothes? If you're wearing a multi-colored ensemble, pick a single color and incorporate it into your manicure, or pick two and sport a bold accent nail. The possibilities are endless - go wild and experiment!

  • Striking a balance

    To keep all eyes on your outfit, stick to simple accessories and neutral nails. Nudes and pastel pinks are seasonless; try a French or reverse French manicure for a timeless look. A plain black or white can be just as effective, too.

    The end result is a manicure that is at once sophisticated, elegant and perfect for keeping your look balanced.

    Whatever your colorful style, there's a manicure for you!

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