Jennifer Lopez Inspired Nails: Get Her Reverse French Manicure

As a L'Oréal Paris ambassador, Jennifer Lopez is rarely without a great manicure. One of our favorites from the singer has to be her reverse French manicure. The really good news is that expert L'Oréal Paris manicurist Tom Bachik has given us some top tips to help recreate Jen's look.

Step 1: Shape your nails

"Start by manicuring your nails in a rounded square shape for a soft natural look and apply a base coat of One Stop Base. After the base coat has dried, apply two thin coats of an opaque white such as I Will as your base color - this will become the crescent. For best results, let polish dry completely. While you wait, use an old lip or eye liner dipped in remover to clean up polish from around cuticles."

Step 2: Go nude...

"Use a nude shade as your main color. Apply one to two coats starting about three quarters (3/4) of the way back on the nail.

Follow the shape of the cuticle leaving the white exposed to create the crescent shape."

Step 3: The finishing touch

"Let dry for one minute and finish with Top of the Line, a high gloss top coat, to seal and protect your look."

For those looking for a slightly more colorful look, Tom has advice on how to turn the ultra-chic reverse French manicure into a real statement look.

"Change colors to better match your skin tone, or use high contrasting bright and pastel colors for an optional look!"

Thank you, Tom Bachik!

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