How to Do a French Manicure the Easy Way

Step 1: One Stop Base

Begin by applying a base coat before starting your French manicure. This will help to protect your nails against stains and help to nourish and strengthen them

Step 2: Colour Riche Nail How Romantic

Apply a coat of nude nail polish. Start in the middle and work your way outwards. Once this is dry, apply a second coat to make sure it looks totally opaque.

Step 3: Colour Riche Nail I Will!

Along the very top of your nail, where the white part usually is, apply a subtle line of white nail polish. To make this even easier, you could use masking tape to section off the area you want to paint.

Step 4: Top of the Line

To finish the look, apply a top coat to help your French manicure last as long as possible. After all, more time = more compliments...

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