Voluminous® Carbon Black Mascara


Separates and builds lashes.
5X fuller lashes.
Bold volume.

How To Use
Expert Application Technique. Place brush at base of lashes and gently sweep up to tip—no need to pump the wand. Voluminous® Carbon Black Mascara will easily remove with soap and water.
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jwinc El Cajon, CA
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Carbon Black

By far the best mascara I've ever used! Been wearing Voluminous for several years now & I always get compliments.

Future Mrs Perfette Peoria, AZ
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Carbon Black

My Fav mascara ever!!! I have tried switching to all the new ones that come out and look sooo good in the commercials, but this mascara is the only TRUE amazing voluminous mascara. I recommend to everyone! Six years and still my all time favorite

angelina Bronx, NY
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Carbon Black

Love this product its the best mascara I've ever used. I looks like I'm wearing false lashes and it doesn't clump. Love this product.

Perfectionista8 Chicago, IL
  • 4
Posted: Reviewing: Carbon Black

There's something about this mascara that appeals to me and makes me come back time and time again. Well, some things, more like. I love that one coat is enough to make my lashes stand out, that I swear the formula adds a little bit of curl to my lashes, and and it knows how to make a statement. That all being said, I will agree that... moisture, i.e. sweat, rain, snow, will loosen it off lashes and it sometimes flakes off in little pieces; also, the brush picks up a lot of formula the first week or so of use, it takes A WHOLE LOT of makeup remover & cleanser to completely remove it, and I feel like it's beginning to dry out after only a couple months of daily use. All in all, I consider this to be a "classic" mascara, especially the original formula, and can always have this as back-up because I see the perks > the downsides.

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AuntieK Medora, IN
  • 5
Posted: Reviewing: Carbon Black

I can remember watching my mom apply her make-up as a little girl and the one thing that stood out the most was her eyelashes. and trust me they looked nonexistent before the mascara! She swore by it and so do eye. LOVE LOVE LOVE this product.

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